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Saturday, March 15, 2024
Barbie Hits New Record as Highest Grossing Movie

In its opening weekend, “Barbie” drew hordes of moviegoers — donning every shade of pink imaginable — to theaters. Promising 114 minutes of laughs, pop culture references and glitzy dance numbers, the film was projected by critics (and TikTok users alike) to take the world by storm. It’s now ballooned into a billion-dollar hit and the biggest movie of the year worldwide. As the film debuts Tuesday on digital, it’s sure to score more milestones.



Warner Bros 2023

It's A Watershed Moment For Barbie

No one but Greta Gerwig could have brought this cross-generational icon and her world to life in such a funny, emotional and entertaining story,” Jeff Goldstein, president of domestic distribution at Warner Bros. Pictures, said in an e-mail to The Times last month. “Long lines and repeat viewings prove that movies are back in a big, big way, and we look forward to seeing just how far ‘Barbie’ can go in the real world.”


Warner Bros 2023

“Barbie” hauled in $155 million domestically — almost twice as much as “Oppenheimer” — in its opening weekend, the biggest debut of the year. The top theater location was AMC Burbank, Warner Bros. reported, with Regal Irvine Spectrum, AMC Grove and AMC Century City taking the fourth, fifth and sixth spots, respectively.

“Barbie” also danced its way to the biggest global ($578.7 million) and domestic ($258.4 million) opening weeks of 2023. Both titles were previously held by “The Super Mario Bros. Movie.”

The film’s $578.7-million opening week far eclipsed the previous personal records for director Greta Gerwig, $45 million for 2019’s “Little Women,” Margot Robbie, $362.9 million for 2016’s “Suicide Squad,” and Ryan Gosling, $114.5 million for 2017’s “Blade Runner 2049.”

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